Girl of the Month

Mrs.Amina Wattoo Kasuri is currently Heading Concordia Colleges a project of BeaconHouse as a Project Director. She is involved in Charity work across Pakistan and has dedicated her time and resources to various charitable organizations in the country. Apart from all her fantastic endeavors, we love Amina's style making her our 'Girl of the Month'. She effortlessly crafts a look together with pieces by REMA. Here we capture her wearing our body harness beautifully draped over her shoulders, our Moonlight flame earrings in red faceted stones and the intricately embellished Ice blue cape.


Mehryn Zafar is our girl of the month! This girl is full of life and we love how she carries all our products with perfection. This gorgeous designer has a unique sense of style and is great at what she does – Here, she wears our favorites and best sellers- Mini Classic Carryall, Camel Shoulder Bag and our Eldorado Earcuff in her unique signature style. 

Mehryn ZafarMehryn ZafarMyhne


Muzi Sufi is our girl of the month! Here at REMA, we admire this girl for her effortless style sense. This gorgeous photographer is great at what she does – her images are a powerful combination of directorial realism coupled with a graphic finish – she loves everything natural and we love how she fuses our pieces together so naturally.  Here, she wears some of our statement pieces our chain earcuff, pearl swirl earcuff, mint green logo top with one of our best seller Black Boxy Shoulder Bag carrying each look beautifully with her signature feminine and chic touch.